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Affordable Minecraft hosting powered by Ryzen 5 3600

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1,00€ /mo

Discord Bots

Host your Node.js or Python Discord bots at a low price

Starting at
0,50€ /mo

Application Hosting

Host your Python or Node.js applications at a low price

Starting at
0,50€ /mo

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Free Expert Support

We're here to help you if you run into any issues

Fast & Reliable

We take pride in automating our services to provide a fast experience, but we're always here if something goes wrong.

Super Easy to Use

Order your server and use our user friendly control panel

99.9% Uptime

We take many steps to make sure that our uptime is as good as possible

Secure Servers

We take security seriously. We implement many safe-guards to protect your server and your data.

Money-back Guarantee

If you're not satisfied with your order, you can get your money back within 14 days of ordering.

High Performance

We utilize high performace hardware to bring the best experience to you.

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You can get free servers by completing simple tasks. Learn more at

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Dojnaz Cloud hosts my Discord bot, it reliably works with no downtimes and it's easy and simple to use, very good.


Quite frankly one of the best hosting services out there. Stable, extremely good uptime and the support service is quite a sight to be seen. My personal pick and I will continue doing so in the future. My thanks to the staff and developers that has put their time into something this exquisite.

Christopher Lundblad
Christopher Lundblad

Dojnaz is one of THE best hosts, in my honest opinion it even tops Heroku! I've been using it to host my discord bot and everything has been smooth ever since I transferred. 1000/10 would definitely recommend <3


very good uptime is very good


That's what Dojnaz Cloud offered me:

- Very friendly and kind support
- good up times
- inexpensive services



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